Double Your Internet Speed in Minutes - Unbelievable PC Trick!

First of all, let's talk about how we can improve 

our internet download speed.

My  question for you is...

The type of connection you use plays a significant role. While Wi-Fi offers convenience by eliminating the need to carry around an Ethernet cable, it is also slower in comparison. If you are looking to engage in gaming or other tasks that require low latency, Wi-Fi is not the optimal choice.

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2. Use a download manager 💾

Here are a few personal download managers that I've been using for years:

1. Internet Download Manager (

2. Download Accelerator Plus


3. uTorrent/BitTorrent for torrent downloads



Somehow it helps in improving our download speed. Sometimes slower downloads persist on internet browsers, but using these download managers helps us. ⬆️🚀

3. Upgrade your router or change your ISP (Internet Service Provider). ⚙️💻🔄

Sometimes the problem cannot be solved just by downloading and installing software or doing some computer configurations; sometimes you need to upgrade your hardware or switch to another company that provides better service. 

In my case, we just requested an upgrade to our modem/router to a newer one.

If upgrading doesn't resolve your issue, you can always consider switching from your current internet service provider (ISP) to another company.

We don't need to judge ISPs rudely, as ISPs can be good in some areas while not as reliable in others. The quality of service can vary depending on the location, and what works well in one area may not be the same in another, and vice versa.

In my case, our internet connection is good. However, if you find that the conditions are bad in your area, you have the option to switch from your current ISP to another one.

But I would recommend that before considering a switch, you should first focus on upgrading or improving your router/modem. 🌐🆙

Hopefully, these recommendations can be of help to you. Please note that these are my personal suggestions, and I am not a professional in the field of IT or any related area.

But before we end, if you want to fix some internet problems, additionally, I will show you some really helpful configurations you can do with your PC.

It can fix Common Internet Problems that sometimes occur, such as not connecting to certain websites. This can be a solution, and we're talking about DNS.

Domain Name Systems (DNS) servers are responsible for working in the background to connect your browser to the websites you want to visit. Typically, your ISP assigns you a DNS automatically. However, that may not always be the optimal choice. Fortunately, you have the option to change your DNS.

When I found out about these recommendations, it really changed the way I use the internet.

Sometimes, I cannot connect to certain websites, but using these recommendations helped me fix my problem.

And I will show you how I do it. (Video Link Provided Above) 🌐🎥